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About Wholesale Car Covers distributes the Elite Auto and Marine Cover product line. We have over 10 years in the cover business and it shows. Our sizing is so good it is basically custom except for mirror pockets. We've dedicated years enhancing and developing the best covers available by any manufacturer in the business. Through you can sell all our top quality covers and accessories and most importantly, MAKE GREAT PROFITS! We are a proud member of the SEMA organization and have created an extremely effective Wholesale Drop Ship Program that allows you, the retailer, to easily sell our products and have them delivered to your customer's doorstep in most cases within 3 to 10 business days. Orders typically ship within 1 to 2 days after the order is placed. With many more years in the internet business as a whole we understand your needs and strive to fulfill them. We are the #1 Drop Shippers for Automotive and Marine Covers on the Internet and we back it up! Our customer service, knowledge and professionalism is second to none. Elite Partners guarantees you the best possible wholesale price and drop ship delivery program available for all our wholesale products. Whether you want to buy bulk at wholesale prices or sign up for our Wholesale Drop Ship Program, the process is easy and extremely reliable. We've just moved into a new warehouse as of November 1st we've doubled our size and inventory available. As we advance through the next few years, we will remain on the cutting edge of new technologies, improving fabrics and automotive protection and maintenance on a whole. We have spent countless hours developing our cover specifications so that our covers will simply fit better then any of our competitors. It's simple! A more precisely cut cover equals a superior fitting cover you're your vehicle. When it comes to protecting your automotive or marine investment, Elite Covers are the BEST DEFENSE against the elements! A side from covers, we also distribute other products including Seat Covers, Automotive Security Products like Steering Wheel and Tire Locks, Roadside Safety Products, Arm Rest Pads, and Hitch Covers. Ultimately, we strive to develop new, long term relationships in the industry and have been doing so for a decade. Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm EST. This ensures that you and your customers get the best possible service and support from coast to coast. For more information on our Wholesale Drop Ship Program visit the Drop Ship Program page and see how easy it is to do business with us. So start selling our products today and join a real money making drop ship program. We wish you continued success and look forward to serving you in the future. Best Wishes, Customer Service

The Best Covers for Summer!

Although all our covers are treated for UV protection, the Elite Tyvek Cover is the best full cover available! It will keep your vehicle cooler, paint and interior from dulling out and the cover itself will last longer under the … Continue reading

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Care Tips for Covering your Vehicle during the Winter

During the winter months, every region experiences a change in weather conditions. It is important to know how to address these issues when they arise. Covers are like everything else, if you dont care for them properly, you will have … Continue reading

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The ALL NEW Elite Top Half Car Cover!

The NEW Elite Top Half Car Cover! The Elite Top Half Car Cover is a unique car cover that covers only the top of the car. It is made from a high quality 300 denier material that is UV resistant, … Continue reading

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How to properly care for your car and its cover?

Consumers buy vehicle covers to help protect their investment. With our current economic situation, it is more important than ever to maintain and take care of our most prized possessions. If your anything like us, your vehicle is one of … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Cover! The Elite Supreme 4 Layer Vehicle Cover

The Elite Supreme is our “Top of the Line” cover. Its 4 layers of material will perform great in high moisture climates all across the US and Canada with the added luxury of a fleece lining to help protect your … Continue reading

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Elite Premium Waterproof Covers!

The Elite Premium 3 Layer 100% WATERPRROOF Cover is ideal for high moisture climates all across the US and Canada. Users must understand that the key to a good waterproof cover is it’s breathability. It is one thing to keep … Continue reading

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Elite Tyvek UV Protective Covers

The Elite Tyvek UV Protective Cover is the best material “HANDS DOWN” for heat reduction and preventing damage from the harmful effects of the sun. No other material even comes close. Some of our competitors also use Tyvek for their … Continue reading

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Elite Guard Economy Covers

The Elite Guard is our version of an economy cover. Compared to our competitors the quality is far from economy as it is made from the highest grade of non-abrasive, spun-bond material that is thicker and stronger than any economy … Continue reading

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Best covers for summer – North West

As we move into the summer months it is important to know what cover is going to provide the best protection for your vehicle. The North West region of the US is exposed to all four seasons throughout the year. … Continue reading

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Best covers for summer – South West

As you move into the burning hot summer months of the South West and it’s desert-like climate, it is important to know what cover is going to provide the best protection for your vehicle. The South West of the US … Continue reading

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