Care Tips for Covering your Vehicle during the Winter

During the winter months, every region experiences a change in weather conditions. It is important to know how to address these issues when they arise. Covers are like everything else, if you dont care for them properly, you will have issues.

First off, make sure your cover fits. Using something that “almost fits” will inevitably cause issues. Always try your cover on a clean vehicle. That way if it doesn’t fit you can send it back without any issues. You can’t return used underwear can you? Second and using a simple analogy, if a man has a 40″ waist and stuffs himself into 34″ pants, you’re going to have a problem. With one wrong turn, RIIIIP! Right up the behind. You’re not going to send the pants back to The Gap and complain are you? That’s your fault for wearing them in the first place. Third and on the other end of the spectrum, if your cover is blowing off at any given chance, that’s an issue. It doesn’t fit. If a man has a 34″ a chooses to use a pair of 40″ pants, his pants are not going to hold up, look funny and inevitably fall down. If you receive and item that doesn’t fit, take care of it right away.

Now down to the nitty gritty. If you are located in a high wind area be sure to tie down your cover using the grommets provided. Do not rely solely on the elasticized bottom of your cover to provide maximum protection from strong winds. Also, be aware that if you use clamps in addition to hold down the cover this can cause stress in areas that the cover is not built to withstand. This can also accelerate deterioration in areas that were not intended for sure abuse.

Finally, Freezing Weather: In unusual circumstances, a layer of ice may form between your vehicle and the cover. This layer of ice must be thawed before removing the cover. DO NOT PULL THE COVER OFF IF YOU FEEL RESISTANCE. THE COVER WILL RIP OR TEAR. You can expedite the thawing process by pouring warm water over the cover and gently lifting the cover as the ice begins to melt. If any resistance occurs, repeat process. Not following these steps cam result is the void of the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have any questions about the topic we’ve discussed, please give us a call at out our toll free Customer Service # 1.866.859.4880.

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